Sunday, October 15, 2017

The Internet: A blessing and a curse.

I believe that the internet is a blessing and can be a curse depending on how we use it. The amount of anti-semitism spewing out of the internet is mind boggling. So much hatred. Take a look at this piece and tell me what you think.
Rabbi Bloom
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Jeff Shulman said...

I read your internet comments and have been seeing the dark side of the internet for a long time too. I understand how US based hate groups use the internet, ad does ISIS. What I find baffling is that US based companies , like Google and Facebook are acting like innocent by bystanders with no power to stop fake and hateful messages and adds on their platform they profit from. Finally and reluctantly and under pressure from shareholders are they first admitting they understand the problem. Jeff Shulman in Sacramento

Steve Rose said...

Rabbi; you always have a well thoughtful comment on many serious issues. Too bad the leadership at the top of our National executive and legislative can't find the appropriate message or actions .