Saturday, October 16, 2010

All beginnings are difficult.

This statement comes from the Talmud. Starting a blog is a new experience and I find that there is so much to say and yet it  is challenging  to contemplate exactly where to begin. So today I start with the hope that we can create a forum and a community which will engage in the dialogue about religion in the world today. I want to talk about the the impact of religion on culture and especially on current events. At the same time I hope to discuss the timeless questions that my religion Judaism address as well as other religions. I invite your response and critique. Because I am a congregational rabbi I have many years of experience about how institional religion functions. I shall draw upon that experience but I will not discuss anything  that someone  related to me in confidence nor will I criticize the community I currently serve as its spiritual leader.
I am excited about this opportunitty to speak freely and contribute to a much broader dialogue that is desparately needed in our world about how religion can play a constructive role for society and, sadly, how religions whether it be clergy or volunteer leadership too often become self destructive. I will write not only what people want to hear but what I believe they need to hear. So let us start this journey tomorrow