Friday, May 13, 2016

National Prayer Day-Can America offer one prayer for the good of our nation?

Shalom to everyone. Here is an interesting tradition that we have one day devoted to prayer for the nation on May 5th this year. Here is my take on the holiday and my own effort to create a prayer for us all.  What do you think?
Rabbi Brad Bloom

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Anonymous said...

Isn't the National Day Prayer Day in direct opposition of separation of Church and state? What about religions that don't pray but meditate, or chant. What about people who don't subscribe to any religion. As you write about "renewed spirit of unity as Americans" - is it really god or religion that unite us? Or is it that we are all humans in the first place? Don't you think we should rather turn to each other to solve our problems than ask each one's respective deity to do it for us?
As you write in your other article, that PEW shows atheist are the least to discus faith and religion, contrary to it I am an atheist or rather polyatheist and I don't mind to discuss peoples believes. I also think that faith is the most dishonest position you can have and many problems in the world would be solved or not even exist if people would not depend on faith.
I am wiling to discuss with you. I spent some time in Israel, volunteered in Kibutz near Haifa, worked in restaurant on Ben Yahuda street in Jerusalem - from perspective of nonbeliever.
I honor you for putting up your phone number publicly, I am not that brave. I will text you mine. Regards Palo