Friday, April 15, 2016

Series on Pesach and its connections to the Holocaust: Part One. Let the youth decide.

There are lots of connections between the lessons of the Holocaust that can be extended to the ancient Exodus. As we prepare for Pesach, our youth have to learn how to face difficult truths. Is it right that we shield them from the essential facts of the Shoah? What is your view?


Maury Fradkin said...

It is essential that our children learn the truths about the Shoah, especially in a time when there are deniers. There is still enough anti-Semitism in the world to be frightening. Our children learned from a very young age that their grandparents lived in Germany and that their grandfather was a Shoah hero. Education and understanding is one thing that will help erase this prejudice.

Lew Schiffman said...

Very well written Brad especially in including references to how Jews are not the only ones who've experienced religious persecution and the fact that such abuse continues today