Sunday, February 7, 2016

What do you say to a child when they ask, "What happens after I die?"

I began this article from a memory with my daughter when she was a child herself. I believe this is an important and eternal question that all people have to confront at various ages in life. This is an issue where there is not a clear cut answer. It is a gray issue. Sometimes we find ourselves in the gray zone when it comes to thorny issues of religion and mortality. Tell me what you think.
Rabbi Bloom


Leah Bloom said...

Great blog! Love, Leah

Michael Jay said...

I love this quote from your post on what happens after death:

I tried to tell her that in Judaism we do believe in a hereafter. Yet our tradition emphasizes that the real issue is how we live our lives. That is what God wants most of all from us -- to live a life of holiness by following God's teachings.

Indeed, our tradition is about how e comport ourselves while physically on this earth.