Monday, May 28, 2012

Religion and the Schools can be Partners
 Here is the article I wrote in my column for the Island Packet Newspaper. It turned out to be a productive experience for the kids. The kids learned something. But what I hope will happen is that we will have the chance to meet with the faculty. We were supposed to do so but they cancelled the meeting. I think it is important to receive their feedback to our program and for them to  understand the impact of this teacher's alleged anti-semitic remarks to the student and her alleged manhandling of the same student in a classroom had upon the Jewish community.
My own view is that we need to cultivate more bridges of understanding between the Jewish Community and the school authorities as well as other public institutions. We are a growing Jewish community with a wider array of interests. But the other lesson of this event is not just about speaking out. It is about remembering that that different religions joined us to address this highly publicized event that went viral on the internet and wire services. A Catholic Priest and Protestant minister and the school authorities worked together with us. We cannot forget to respond willingly when others outside the Jewish community are in need of our support on issues we care about as well.

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