Friday, December 16, 2011

The president speaks

Now he moves to israel and the peace. He supports israel. Peace is in the long term interest of israel. A strong israel transcends all politics. He cites tikkun olam again. Unshakeable commitment to israel and its security, he proclaims. No administration in history has done more to secure israel than obama, he proclaims.
Iran now. Us will take no options off the table.
US was there to help israel . "Dont believe others who tell a different story. Those are the facts." Now he quotes from pirke avot. , we are not obligated to complete the task. Neither can we desist from it. Heneni he says. He will keep america's promise no matter how long it takes. Our best days are still to come.
The crow is applauding wildly.
Thats's it. Commentary to come later.

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William Bilek said...

I have heard the siren song of the President before, and am more convinced than ever that this President is NOT a friend of the Jewish People, and certainly NOT a friend of Israel. He throws in some Hebrew words, and Biblical references, and the crowd goes wild. (Sort of like a mirror image of his Cairo speech.)

This is the man, who, as a candidate, spoke of a "united Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, forever." This is the man who finds Israel a daily burden, its elected leader someone who should be insulted and shown the back door, a country on which all the evils of HIS world should be blamed; and he sends his ministers, emissaries, spokespeople out to do his dirty work.

Then he says the things he does, music to most Jewish ears, in an election year. He needn't bother. Most Jews in America will vote for him anyway. They would deny the words i write, and the facts before their eyes. But woe to Israel, and us all, if Mr. Obama has free reign in a second term.