Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Part Three: High Holy Day Poem Inspired from Chapter Three of Ecclesiastes

You will surely recognize the attempt in this poem to play off of the famous passage in chapter three beginning with the phrase " To everything there is a season."

To every insight in the world
There is a question that precedes it.
Questions that refuse to disappear
Which rankle us like a stone
Inside our shoes
Or irritate us like a mosquito bite
Just ask the question
And relief will dull the pain.

Questions of doubting and questions of believing
Questions of living and questions of dying

Questions of searching and questions of discovering
Questions of writing and questions of speaking

Questions of children and questions of parents
Questions of praying and questions of silence

Questions of tearing garments and questions of sewing garments
Questions of humility and questions of pride

Questions of fear and questions of faith
Questions of Jews and questions of others

Questions of God and questions of questions

Questions of forgiveness and question of stubbornness
Questions of returning and questions of leaving

Do we ever tire of asking questions?
Take comfort
Remember that answers are no better
For your life is a tapestry of questions
No longer fearing them
But embracing the possibility of being
And it is this reality
That is your calling.
Are you ready?

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