Sunday, October 17, 2010

Blog Rules

Fusion 613 is not responsible for any content of commenters' posts which soley reflect their views. I do not endorse comments or vouch for their truthfulness.  I do reserve the right to to remove or alter any comments that I find unacceptable for any reason.
I am committed to free and open discussion and even debate. So as to maintain a civil and respectful dialogue, I have adapted the following rules from other blogs that I find to be appropriate here.

1. No comments allowed that violate the privacy or legal rights of others, including material that is abusive, obscene, pornographic, or defamatory.  Ethnic or Religious slurs and personal attacks are expressly forbidden.
2. Comments for commercial purposes will be taken down.
3.Comments that are in a foreign language, as they cannot be verified as civil, respectful or thruthful, will not be posted.
4.Please keep your comments to a reasonable amount of words. Please avoid posting the same comment repeatedly or misrepresenting your comment as the work of another commenter.
5.Submit comments that are on topic.
6. Commenters that repeatedly or egregiously violate the blog rules may be banned from commenting and or have their commentt history removed from the Fusion613 Blog
If you have any questions please send them to
In Judaism it is written, "Good manners precedes the Torah." (Talmud)